Studying how to teach TEFA, and how teachers learn it
Beatty, Ian D.


TLT uses a longitudinal, delayed-intervention, mixed-methods research design to illuminate teacher learning.

Instrumentation Developed or Under Development

(in collaboration with SRI International, a project subcontractor)

TCOP: TEFA Classroom Observation Protocol

We are working on a live observation protocol aimed at capturing key indicators of TEFA skill and of primary pedagogical practices. Meanwhile, we visit and videotape complete TEFA-using classes for subsequent coding and analysis. Short pre- and post-observation interviews accompany each visit/observation.

TVBI: TEFA Video-Based Interview

In this semi-structured interview protocol, a teacher is shown select five-minute clips from different videotapes of their own teaching, and asked to reflect upon how and why their practice has evolved.

TIL: TEFA Implementation Log

This short, simple paper form documents one day's use (or not) of TEFA in each class and the teacher's perceptions of how it went.

TMRS: TEFA Monthly Reflection Survey

This web-based survey uses multiple-choice and free-response questions to probe teachers' TEFA use, their self-perceived skills and learning, and factors that have helped or hindered them.

TPPI: TEFA Pedagogical Perspectives Interview

This two-part semi-structured interview (one hour per part) probes a teacher's outlook and beliefs on pedagogy, general aspects of classroom practice, and classroom roles.

TPPS: TEFA Pedagogical Perspectives Survey

This web-based multiple-choice survey also probes aspects of teachers' views on pedagogy and classroom practice, but in a more scalable way. Large portions were drawn from published instruments, for validity and comparison with other studies.

TCFS: TEFA Contextual Factors Survey

This web-based survey of multiple-choice and free-response questions solicits a teacher's perceptions of aspects of their teaching context (technological, administrative, logistical, and social) that might help or hinder attempts to implement TEFA.

TLPI: TEFA Lesson Planning Interview (abandoned)

This one-hour, artifact-based, semi-structured interview probes a teacher's lesson planning practices, considerations, and priorities, aimed at surfacing instructional priorities and orientation.

TPBS: TEFA Professional Background Survey

This web-based survey captures a teacher's professional preparation and background, to support case studies.

TSS: TEFA Student Survey

This optically-scanned paper survey is for students in teachers' classes, eliciting their perceptions of the learning environment.

Data Collection

Data about teachers' pedagogical beliefs and views: TPPI (yearly), TPPS (yearly), TLPI (2x/year, discontinued)

Data about teachers' practice and TEFA implementation: TCOP (4x/year), TIL (daily), TSS (2x/year)

Data about teachers' reflections on their own learning: TMRS (monthly), TVBI (yearly)

Data about teachers' backgrounds and context: TCFS, (yearly), TPBS (once)