Errata for Advanced Topics AR

The following mistakes are in the first 3 printings of Vol. 4·AT / Activities & Reader. If you have a 4th printing or higher, they have been fixed. Please check the copyright page (page iv) to see which printing, or mixture of printings, you have.

Contents, p. v

  • The correct title of Activity AT·13 is "Exploring Relative Motion in One and Two Dimensions".

Activity AT·4, p. 13, "Prior Experience/Knowledge Needed"

  • The label of the first equation should read: tangential component of acceleration. The change in speed can be negative, and when it is, the direction of the tangential component of acceleration is opposite the direction of motion. And when the change of speed is positive, this component is in the direction of motion.

Activity AT·8, p. 30, question A3

  • In the description of the situation, the speed of the marble three seconds later should be "80cm/s", not "79cm/s".

Activity AT·8, p. 31, question B2

  • In the description of the situation, the second sentence should begin: "One second later..."

Activity AT·8, p. 31, question B3

  • In the description of the situation, the time at which the toy car stops near the top of the incline should be "t = 0.58s", not "t = 1.8s".
  • The fourth question in part (d) should be: What is the car's position and velocity at "t = 0.68s", not "t = 2s".

Activity AT·11, p. 44, question A1

  • In the description of the situation, the initial speed of the puck should be "250cm/s", not "25cm/s".

Activity AT·17, p. 69, questions B1 & B2

  • A car traveling at 29m/s is moving at "65mi/h", not "60mi/h". This mistake occurs twice in question B1 and once in question B2.

Activity AT·17, p. 69, question B3

  • The diagram of situation A is not consistent with what is happening. In particular, there is not enough string left hanging to allow the wheel to spin as many times as it needs before stopping. The following diagram replaces the one accompanying the description. Right-click or command-click and choose “Open image in new window” (or equivalent) to see a full-sized version. Print that version at 100% for a transparency, or at 33% to replace the figure in students’ books. Also note that the diagram on the answer sheet is the Teacher's Guide is the same as that shown below. Finally, the angle of the incline in situation B has been made more shallow to be consistent with the additional changes listed below.
  • Many of the values for the given information should be changed. The initial speed of the wheel is now 1rev/s, and it is slowing down at a rate of ¼rev/s2. The ball is now a marble, and it is rolling up the incline at 4m/s and slowing down at a rate of 1m/s2. (Changes shown in bold type.)
  • The question for part (b) should read: "Write an expression for the position of the marble..." (Change shown in bold type.)

Activity AT·18, p. 73, question A5

  • In part (b), when the car speeds up, its speed in miles per hour should be "65mi/h", not "60mi/h". In other words, 29m/s = 65mi/h.

Activity AT·21, p. 86, question R4

  • The "second" part (b) should be part (c).
  • Part (c) should be part (d).