Professional Development

Intensive, sustained, collaborative, on-site PD for TEFA
Leonard, William J.


PD is sustained: a 3-year program for each cadre.

All teachers in each cadre are from the same school.

PD taught by project PIs, using & modeling TEFA pedagogy

Participating Teachers

Typical Weekly PD Lesson & Homework

Checking in: Teachers talk about how they are doing (with technology, with question design, with managing discussion, etc.), what they have been trying, and what is on their minds.

Sample question cycle: Instructors model how a typical PRS question/discussion/closure cycle might look, and introduce new question styles.

Theoretical underpinnings: Instructors provide some structure and pedagogical theory to help teachers understand TEFA pedagogy and apply it consistently.

Working on new questions: Teachers collaborate in small groups to develop questions for their own use during the upcoming week, and to get feedback on them.

Homework: After each meeting, teachers reflect on their practice (make a journal entry; read, summarize, and react to an article; predict what will happen when they ask a certain question in class; etc.).