TinkerPlots Project

Developing tools and curricula for enhancing data analysis in the middle school
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Konold, Cliff
US National Science Foundation grant DRL-9818946
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In the TinkerPlots project, funded by the National Science Foundation, we created a software tool and curriculum materials for teaching data analysis and statistics in middle schools. The software we developed, called TinkerPlots, offers a construction set rather than a menu of ready-made graph types, and helps orient students and teachers to the inquiry-driven nature of data analysis. The development of TinkerPlots was done in collaboration with teams who developed comprehensive instructional materials for middle school mathematics.

The completed software package, named TinkerPlots, is commercially available from Key Curriculum Press.

NSF LogoThis project was supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DRL-9818946). Opinions expressed here are those of the project staff and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

TinkerPlots Staff

The people behind the software

Principal investigator: Cliff Konold

Software designer: Craig Miller

Curriculum Projects

Classroom activities and materials for teaching statistics with TinkerPlots were developed and tested at the following locations.

Connected Mathematics Project

Locations: Michigan State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Curriculum author Susan Friel UNC Chapel Hill
Master teachers Rebecca Gibson Duke Schol for Children Middle School, Durham NC
Kathy Jansen Duke Schol for Children Middle School, Durham NC
Bill O'Connor Duke Schol for Children Middle School, Durham NC
Jim Mamer  
Research assistant Marie Turini  

Mathematics in Context

Location: University of Wisconson at Madison.

Project director Meg Meyer U. Wisconson
Curriculum author Arthur Bakker Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht Univ.
Master teachers Ann Frederickson Savanna Oaks Middle School, Madison WI
Teri Hedged Jansen Savanna Oaks Middle School, Madison WI
Doug McFarlane Savanna Oaks Middle School, Madison WI
Project staff Kay Schultz U. Wisconson


Location: Educational Development Center (EDC), Newton MA.

Curriculum author Amy Brodesky EDC
Master teachers Jim Stoddard Edith C. Baker School, Brookline MA
Amy Doherty Edith C. Baker School, Brookline MA

MATH Thematics

Location: University of Montana at Missoula.

Curriculum authors Rick Billstein U. Montana
Jim Williamson U. Montana
Master teacher Linda Tetley Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson City MO

Advisory Board

Robert Gould, UCLA Department of Statistics

Andee Rubin, TERC, Cambridge MA


Joan Garfield, University of Minnesota

Bill Finzer, KCP Technologies (developer of Fathom)