Statistics Education Research Group (Konold et al.)

Cliff involved in a number of sessions at USCOTS

Cliff is involved in a number of sessions at USCOTS in Columbus, Ohio,including a Key note address on research in statistics education.

Cliff presents Tinkerplots to Virginia State Department of Education

Cliff presents TinkerPlots at the Virginia State Department of Education, Richmond VA.

Model chance starts up

The Model Chance project officially starts up.

First round of tests for TinkerZeum begins

We began our first round of field tests in Springfield's BasketBall Hall of Fame and in Boston's Museum of Science for the TinkerZeum project.

Ontario licensed TinkerPlots for all schools

The province of Ontario has licensed TinkerPlots for use by all schools in the province.

Alpha version of TinkerPlot v 2 completed

We've completed an alpha version of TinkerPlot v 2, which is being tested in Nashville schools as part of the Data Modeling project.

Model Chance gets funding from NSF

The 3-year project, Model Chance, has been funded by the National Science Foundation.


Grow Average© was a Macintosh (Classic) program from the 1990s for demonstrating the Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limits Theorem.
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