Statistics Education Research Group (Konold et al.)

TinkerPlots Demonstration at the Key Curriculum Press Booth

Come see us demonstrate TinkerPlots in the Key Curriculum Press booth at the NCTM national meeting in Salt Lake City.

SERG Symposium on Probability at NCTM

Cliff Konold and Sibel Kazak presented in the symposium “Contrasting Perspectives on Connecting Important Ideas in Probability” at the NCTM Research Presession at Salt Lake City, April 8, 2008.

TinkerPlots at NCTM

Cliff Konold demonstrated TinkerPlots in the Key Curriculum Press booth at the NCTM national meeting in Salt Lake City, April 9-12, 2008.

Expected Release of New Development Version of Model 1

Expected release of new development version of Model 1 (Alpha 36) that incorporates a new “wire” interface for the Sampler and object-imbedded menus.

Webinar on Teaching Data Analysis with TinkerPlots

Cliff Konold hosted a webinar on teaching data analysis with TinkerPlots for the American Statistical Association’s "Meeting Within a Meeting."

Three Recent Articles Describe Our Research on Student Learning Using TinkerPlots

Three recent articles describe our research on student learning using TinkerPlots:


Software and activities for teaching probability via simulations
Prob Sim was a Macintosh (Classic) program from the 1990s with accompanying instructional activities designed for teaching probability via simulations in grades 6-13.


Advanced visualization tools for understanding statistics
This project addresses the growing importance of data literacy as a fundamental skill for living in a democratic society and the disheartening fact that few people have a solid understanding of data. It addresses this need by studying how advanced visualization tools can affect teachers' and students' develop understanding of several crucial statistical concepts.

Data Modeling

Constructing data, modeling worlds: Collaborative investigation of statistical reasoning
This project aimed to change the way students -- and teachers -- think about math and science and was part of a larger endeavor by Peabody College to "reform the schooling of mathematics and science," said co-investigator and Professor of Science Education Rich Lehrer. This innovative project focused on learning rather than performance as the standard by which educational methods are judged.
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