TinkerPlots 2.1 Released

The new version of TinkerPlots (TinkerPlots 2.1) has been released.

Most importantly, we've made TinkerPlots 2.1 a lot more stable. We've fixed a large number of bugs, both major and minor. As a result, the probability of a crash is much lower. Heavy users of TinkerPlots were very helpful to us, submitting descriptions of problems they'd encountered along with requests for some changes.

One of these requests was, "What happened to the frequency axis for stacked dot plots?" We had removed it from version 1.0 for what we thought were good reasons. Our reasons be damned. We heard enough complaints that we've added them back in. Sorry.

Another common complaint was that it was often difficult or impossible to set a reference line exactly where you wanted it. So we've added to both reference lines and dividers a snapping capability for when you're dragging and also the ability to just type in the value you want. Yet another issue was that the percent and N values on a graph could be obscured by the data. We've fixed that. We've added to the Ruler Tool the ability to collect some additional statistics that some of you requested.

We've also taken the opportunity to update many of the data sets, like Olympics.tp, with the most recent information and added map backgrounds to plots of data like Earthquakes.tp.

Even though there is nothing earth shattering in version 2.1, we think it will make your TinkerPlots experience just a little better. That seemed worth the effort.

For more information about downloading and updating TinkerPlots 2.1 see here