Teachers Investigate Their Work: An Introduction to Action Research Across the Professions
Altrichter, Herbert
Feldman, Allan P.
Posch, Peter
Somekh, Bridget

(2nd edition), 320 pp. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-37794-2 (paperback; also available in hardcover).

Teachers Investigate Their Work introduces the methods and concepts of action research through examples drawn from studies carried out by teachers. The book is arranged as a handbook, with numerous sub-headings for easy reference and forty-one practical methods and strategies to put into action, some of them flagged as suitable 'starters'. Throughout the book, the authors draw on their international practical experience of action research, working in close collaboration with teachers.

This is an essential guide for teachers, senior staff and coordinators of teacher professional development who are interested in investigating their own practice in order to improve it.