Stephens, A. Lynn

Post doctoral researcher
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Hills North 433

Lynn Stephens has been working with Dr. Clement, identifying strategies to foster student use of mental modeling, particularly in situations where computer simulations are being used.

Although it is generally believed that computer simulations work best when students work in a hands-on fashion either singly or within a small group, it appears there are also effective teaching strategies that engage whole classes in mental simulation and prediction in response to a simulation projected in front of the class. Teachers show amazing creativity in inventing these. Ms. Stephens is also interested in developing new ways for computer simulations to engage students in multi-model processing, including kinesthetic modes.

Ms. Stephens earned a Doctoral degree in Mathematics, Science and Learning Technologies from UMass in 2012. She earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies in 2004 at SUNY Empire State College, Rochester, NY, with a focus on the nature of time. Her master's thesis presented a new tool for visualizing the hyperbolic nature of Minkowski space-time. Development of this tool led to an interest in Physics Education Research. Her B.S. was in Physics (2001), SUNY Empire State College.

Lynn's other passion is Contact Improvisation, a form of improvisational partner dance that has been known to turn her upside down. She is also deeply interested in consensus-based community.