Statistics Education Research Group (Konold et al.)

Student Game Programmers Wanted

Student Game Programmers Wanted: We are putting together a small team of Javascript/Flash/Actionscript student programmers to further develop and polish several educational games for Mac/Windows/iPad.

TinkerPlots 2.1 Released

The new version of TinkerPlots (TinkerPlots 2.1) has been released.

Most importantly, we've made TinkerPlots 2.1 a lot more stable. We've fixed a large number of bugs, both major and minor.

Data Games Summer Workshop 2012

Data Games Summer Workshop was held at SRRI on August 6 - 10, 2012. This weeklong teacher workshop was conducted to prepare a cohort of teachers for classroom field-test this year.

Review of TinkerPlots on

TinkerPlots is "particularly well suited to inquiry learning" and "the flexibility and ease of use of the program lend themselves to students exploring and developing questions of their own about data sets." For more on one person's perspective of the power of TinkerPlots 2.1 in supporting student learning, see the review at or download the attached PDF below.

Presentation at Joint Statistical Meeting 2012

Cliff Konold, invited panelist in the session "Models and Modeling in Introductory Statistics Classes" at the Joint Statistical Meeting, San Diego, CA in July.

2012 DR K-12 PI Meeting

The Discovery Research K-12 PI meeting was held from June 13-15, 2012 in Arlington, VA.

eCOTS: Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics 2012

The first ever eCOTS: Electronic Conference On Teaching Statistics was held May 14-18, 2012.

NCTM 2012 Annual Meeting

NCTM 2012 Annual meeting and exposition was held April 25-28, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

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