Sample MOP Activities

Selected excerpts from the MOP curriculum

Below are links to a few of the "minds-on" activities we have developed, in PDF format. (Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent required.)

1: Motion (core activities 1-35)

1. Looking Ahead

4. Using Graphs of Position vs. Time

11. Translating Graphs of Velocity vs. Time

16. Solving Constant-Velocity Problems Using Different Methods

2: Interactions (core activities 36-70)

41. Recognizing Interactions

46. Comparing Magnitudes of Common Forces

50. Recognizing and Interpreting Free-Body Diagrams

59. Reasoning With Newton's Laws

3: Conservation Laws & Concept-Based Problem Solving (core activities 71-102)

77. Reasoning with Impulse and Momentum Ideas

86. Recognizing and Comparing Kinetic Energy

91. Computing the Potential Energy

101. Solving More Complex Problems

4FF: Fundamental Forces & Fields (supplemental activities FF·1-29)

FF·1. Exploring Models of Electromagnetism

FF·5. Exploring the Magnetic Interaction

FF·9. Exploring the Gravitational Interaction

FF·11. Distinguishing Mass and Weight

FF·13. Using a Mathematical Model for the Electric Force

FF·20. Reasoning with Universal Gravitation

FF·25. Representing Vector Fields Using Field Line Diagrams

FF·27. Applying Work and Energy Ideas

4AT: Advanced Topics in Mechanics (supplemental activities AT·1-23)

AT·1. Exploring Ideas About Circular Motion

AT·5. Reasoning About Circular Motion

AT·9. Reasoning About Projectile Motion

AT·14. Reasoning About Relative Motion

AT·16. Graphing Rotational Motion

AT·17. Introducing Rotational Kinematics

AT·20. Solving Rotational Dynamics Problems

AT·21. Identifying Energy in Rotational Systems

4CS: Complex Systems

Nothing available here (yet??)...